This is my MTC district!!! This is the only picture where we are all together. This is because Elder LaVoie hurt his knee the third day. He ended up getting surgery while he was there. They thought he was going to have to stay at the MTC for an additional six weeks, but was allowed to go be in his Orem mission office for those weeks.
Back row: Nish (the friendly Canadian), Dahl (or Dahl face, the perpetual male model), Basden (blazin' Basden), Kendall (Extreme Texan), LaVoie (the cripple or invalid), DeMille (the resident Nephite), Christensen (the nice, mature one), Schmidt (the sweet Mormon punk)
Front row: Fossum ( the cousin you actually like to hang out with at family reunions), Turner (the crazy aunt), Me (the sweet sister), and Harvey (the mom)


So this was just the elders having fun. They liked to dab. It was interesting...
 This is what we called "Protect the President"
Elder DeMille was our district president for technically the entire time. Elder Schmidt was it for the second half, but he got a sinus infection, so was out of commission. So DeMille was The President. When the rest of the Elders put their fingers to their "earpieces" it meant move away from Elder DeMille because they were about to tackle him. This picture worked especially well because they were all wearing sunglasses!

We were on our temple walk, and wanted to have all of us hold up our name tags by the "Holiness to the Lord" saying. So we started doing that, but Elder Dahl was standing right there. So, like I mentioned before, Elder Dahl (face) always looks as though he is modeling men's wear. And the way this picture turned out, it looks as if he is a celebrity and we are all fans asking for autographs!

So Elders Kendall and Nish had to join in! It was pretty fun!!!

So that was the MTC!!

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