Monday, October 31, 2016

October 31, 2016 - Happy Halloween!

Well, I am currently dressed up as my reflection. I have my hair parted on the left side of my head and my name tag on the right side. Honestly, that is probably going to change really fast because my hair is not cut this way, and it is driving me batty!! Also, Sister Kemble and I are going to switch name tags! I am also dressed as much like Peter Pan as I can. So those are my three different costumes for the day!

Even though it is an all day P-day, I still can't email after six, and we are crazy busy! So I am going to try and make this short! Let's see how I do with that!

What did you learn this week?

I learned that there is such thing as mission drama. We have this little girl who was going to be baptized with her sister this Saturday. Their parents have joint custody, and the dad gave permission for them to be baptized. The mom didn't want him to come because he would have raised a stink about not being the one to baptize them and he is not worthy. Well, he was interrogating the kids this weekend and found this out, so he called the bishop for this ward and went on a long rant, and has decided that he never gave official permission and is not going to give permission. So we have to postpone the baptism so that the dad can meet with his bishop on Sunday. Right now they are no longer on date to be baptized and who knows when this will blow over. Yeah... lots of drama on the dad's part. It is madness.

What did you teach this week?

We had exchanges on Wednesday and I was staying here in this area with Sister Martinez, one of our STL's. So I taught a lot more than I normally do! We did get a cancellation for the lesson I was excited about, and the other lesson we had is a special case, but I did talk a lot more than usual. It was absolutely terrifying! We taught this really sweet lady about what happens at our church on Sunday and she actually came this week!!! We weren't there, of course... to be fair, though, we have six different wards that meet at 9. But we met her on exchanges then gave her a chapel tour on Saturday. It was so cool!

What did you share this week?

I shared my sarcasm. I was kinda bad... Sister Kemble and Afungia were really late coming back here after exchanges, so we were texting "Sister Kemble come save me" so they would think it was me texting, but I was driving and it was Sister Martinez, and we said some other stuff! It was fun! Then last night the sisters that we normally give rides to today didn't need one to the Mission office because they are on exchanges. So I told them we were really offended and insulted and asked if they were going shopping with their new best friends, too. Quick disclaimer, one of these sisters is my MTC companion Sister Harvey, and they got a full blast of me near the end of the MTC! So she understands. And Sister Kemble and Sister Colati are sarcastic to each other, too. So it all works out!

Did you run into anyone we know this week?

I don't think so... we did run into the family that we ate dinner with on my third night out here. The dad laughed because I was backing Sister Kemble up. He was happy that we still had to do that! They are an awesome (and normal) family!! (Missionaries are required to have one person stand outside the car that will direct the driver while backing up.)

Have you learned anything new about yourself lately?

Um... I learned that I have improved in speaking since I can out here. On Thursday we had a lesson with this little boy, but the mom wasn't going to be home. We needed to get another female there, but no one in the primary could help us, and we couldn't find anyone that was available. Finally, we decided to ask the daughter of the high councilman in the other Stake we cover because she is planning on going on a mission. Anyways, she was super great to have come with us. She is very much like I am when talking in lessons, so that made me realize that I have come quite a way since I started, even though it doesn't feel like it!

Questions from David's blog:

Have you done anything new and/or different this week?

Yes. I have now had a Utah jello. It was an... interesting experience...

Backstory: there is this super sweet lady we have been wanting to visit, so we went on Friday because all our afternoon appointments cancelled. We actually got to help put together little baby quilts! It was so much fun! And then she offered us jello.

It was a fruit jello instead of vegetables, so that was a blessing! It probably had other fruit in it too, but the majority was pineapple. I am not joking, it was like a can of pineapple held together by red jello. I am not a fan of either, but I didn't want to be rude, so I accepted. I actually enjoyed it! For the first five, ten bites. Then I hit twenty and I still had so much left in my bowl. Not exaggerating, it was a piece four by five inches wide and an inch and a half thick! Anyways, I was approaching my limit. I know that I eat slowly, especially things that I have trouble with, but I was shocked when Sister Kemble finished so quickly. I wasn't even halfway done! Well, I grit my teeth and kept eating, but when it got down to a  two by three inch piece I had to quit. Shamefully, I relinquished my bowl. When we left, I asked Sister Kemble how she ate the whole thing, and so fast! Turns out, the piece of jello that she got was almost the same size as what I couldn't eat! I got over twice as much as she did! And she likes jello! So that is my fun adventure for the week.

Do you have any snow, yet?

Not yet, and even the snow on the mountains has melted! Sad day!

Is your suitcase enjoying the sauna? (No idea how you will answer this one...)

Well, my suitcase is enjoying the little alcove it is hiding in. The bathroom does have a vent right over the door, and it is a small space, so honestly it is the warmest area down here. It is so nice to walk in and it be so nice and warm and wonderful. There is not room for the suitcases in there, though.

That's all I've got for now before we rush off to the Mission office. We might not be around WiFi for a long while because we might be going doing a fire with the Johnsons or glow-in-the-dark volleyball. Who knows!

Love you all!
Sister Milligan

Here is a picture of the really cool sky we got over some houses with the sun unobstructed further west! Pretty cool!

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