Monday, October 24, 2016

October 24, 2016 - Hectic!

Hey hey, everyone!

I have been doing the questions first this week, and actually mentioned all the major points that I wanted to say... Um... we went to the pumpkin patch with one of our investigator's families! Said investigator is nine years old. It was so much fun! Then we went and taught a lesson with them before having pizza and root beer floats. It was a good day!

Except that night we were supposed to go get hot chocolate with the Spanish Elders in our area to discuss the missionary fireside we want to hold. But that did not happen because one of the Elders had a mishap with his bike. He was riding along and the front wheel for his bike fell off. So he flipped over the handle bars and landed on his back in the middle of the street. Needless to say, he is out of commission. His shoulder bore the brunt of it, but he has trouble moving his whole left side. They are in their apartment for the next few days. We went to go get them supplies on Saturday, and they asked us to go get them dinner from Chick-fil-a, and it was an adventure! Good times!!

The best thing that happened with that experience was that we ran into one of our less active families we were unable to meet with this week. They never got back to us about what day we could meet again, so we were unsure of what to do next. Then we saw them at Chick-fil-a! And they asked us when we could come over! They are such a wonderful family!!!
So we know that we were meant to go help the Elders get their dinner!

What did you teach this week?

We taught our final lesson with the sweet girl I talked about last week. We were looking at our maps and realized that she was one street over from our boundaries. So we had to pass her off to the Elders for the Kearns Central Stake. We are Kearns South Stake. It was really sad, but I know that the Elders will be good. And we got to meet her this way. Sigh...

What did you share this week?

I shared... Okay, this question is really hard for me! I never know what to say! I shared the info for three wards at our Stake correlation meeting all by myself on Wednesday. For the sake of time, we have been dividing and conquering the Kearns Stake meetings. I wish that we would do that for Westbrook, but they all trickle in when they can. Kearns people are way more prompt.

What did you learn this week?

I learned how much a little thing can mean to people. There is this really really sweet lady that we are working with. She has extreme social anxiety and PTSD, so it is a struggle for her to come to church and meet people. But we were able to meet with her again this week, so we told her about Stake Conference on Sunday and that we would save her a seat. When we went over to the Johnson's today, Sister Johnson told us that the bishop got a call from this wonderful lady's mother. She had called to thank him for really helping her daughter out. She even told the bishop about these two sweet sisters that told her daughter they would save her a seat! It is so nice to see what an impact a simple thing like talking and saving a seat can do for someone.

When is/are transfers?

Transfers are going to be November 8th. I really hope I get to stay here because I love these people!!!

How does that work in your mission? (How many weeks in one transfer?)

Transfers are every six weeks, on Tuesday. We learn where we are going the Saturday before. Stressful!

What is something new you've learned about your companion?

She does not like the song "My Kindness Shall not Depart from Thee." I don't know why, she doesn't know why, she just doesn't like it. Strange!

Are you having good experiences on your mission?

Yes! We get to know a lot of really awesome people! I love all of the people we are working with! And we have gotten to do a lot of service this week!! Making wedding decorations!!! Packing up even more stuff!! Cleaning this really gross house... but it has all been wonderful!

Also, we got to go over to the Johnsons (who sent the picture from general conference and are the Senior missionary couple!) to have fun on her Cricut today!! She has the new one! Not the new new one, but the one without cartridges! MOM! IT IS SO FAST! It just zips along! It is crazy!!!!
I made a little elf. His name is Humphrey. He is adorable! I'll send a picture.
Do you get to dress up for Halloween?

No, unfortunately not. But I am going to switch which side my hair is "parted" on. Switching things up! Also, we might trade name tags for the day! It is an all day P-Day, so who knows.

Do you get to attend any ward Halloween parties?

Yup! Actually, our dinner appointment is the Ward Trunk-or-Treat dinner for the ward feeding us this week! We have had others scheduled to go to, but none actually attended yet. Other appointments are more important when you have fifteen wards to cover. These parties are good for finding people, but it is hard if you have an appointment already scheduled for someone in a different ward or Stake. Madness is the moral of this story.
Questions from David's assortment:

How much daylight do you have?

It is shrinking. The sunrise and set are now approximately 10 and a half hours apart. But we have been really overcast lately, which is AWESOME!!! So very little direct sunlight lately.

How much snow have you seen?

Quite a bit on the mountains! None down here, though.

Have you made any funny language errors lately?

Yes, actually. Quite embarrassing, I kept accidentally saying "married" instead "baptized."
It was so frustrating!! I would catch it right away, but it just kept coming out. It was horrible when I was talking about how Jaden was going to be baptized (read: married) with his brother. Yes. I am really happy it was just me and Sister Kemble in the car.

Well, that's all I've got! Love you guys!
Sister Milligan

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