Tuesday, September 27, 2016

September 27, 2016 - She Left The MTC Today!!!

At 1:39pm today I received a text from an unknown phone number with a Utah area code. Judging by the message, I believe it to be from the one and only Sister Milligan. It said:

Hey, momma!!! I made it here to the mission safely!! The train was awesome! Also, Clayton's mom dropped off a gift for me here at the mission office!! I have a picture of it! Love you all bunches!!!!!!!!!!

No picture followed. We will assume the picture is on her camera, not on the phone she borrowed to send the text. Clayton is a friend of hers from OU. His parents live in the mission Zandi is now serving in! Small world.

At 8:21pm today I received a text from another unknown phone number with a Utah area code. This was not sent by Sister Milligan, but it was sent from someone who had seen her! It said:

Sister Milligan,
Your daughter has been assigned to our stake which is the West Jordan, Westbrook Stake. She is a wonderful missionary and we are happy and excited to have her here.

A picture followed!!! Can you see her name tag??!!!! We are assuming this is her new companion.

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