Tuesday, September 13, 2016

September 13, 2016 - The First

Welcome to the start of Emails with Sister Zandi Milligan.

It's gonna be exciting. Hold on.

So, this week has been hectic!! First off, did you get the picture of me and my mission office? I found it at last!! It is always disappearing. My aunt took the picture, (mom please send it to me because I want a copy of it too) so I will try and send it to those who haven't seen it yet. It is beautiful. More flowers in front than I was expecting. (So, the Tardis was not outside her mission home. Apparently, it IS the mission home. Sorry for the confusion. ;) ~Mom)

I made it here to the MTC safely on Wednesday afternoon, and got to meet the BEST DISTRICT at the MTC. I will try and convey how fun these people are:

We have two more people in our district than originally intended because of Visa issues. We call them the Scots because they are going to the Scotland/Ireland mission. They are both from here in Utah. One of them is our District leader!. The rest of us are all going to Utah - the Elders to Orem and the Sisters to SLC West (my companionship) and SLC South (our roommates). But what makes that really funny is that we are all from southern states: Oklahoma, Texas, Arizona, Arkansas, Georgia, Florida, North Carolina, and Canada. Wait what? Oh, yeah. There is a Canadian. But the rest are from the South. It's a blast!

Also, I have now seen all of my friends that are here right now - Elder Jason Draper, Elder Gabe Scott, and Elder Hayden Taylor - at least twice! It has been so fun! Hayden and I got a picture on our Sunday walk, so that was cool. More on that later!

We had our first devotional this Sunday. I was really bummed out because Elder Christofferson spoke on Tuesday right before we got here, so we had resigned ourselves to probably not seeing a member of the Twelve (since Jason has been here seven weeks and had only seen two). But we got in and it was M. Russell Ballard!!!!!!!!!!!! SO COOL!!! I was in the choir practice (for the Tuesday devotional) so I got to be in the actual hall! Apparently the sisters in my district and I all made screen time when they panned over the audience. A little embarrassing to come back inside and everyone tell us that! But is was sooooooooo good!!

And that's all the original content I have...

What have you learned this week?

Um... A lot... I'm trying to think of something specific to say... I guess that the only way that a lesson can be a failure is one where the spirit is not felt.

What have you shared this week?

My bandaids and moleskin. Blisters abound. But bandaids save the day!

What have you taught this week?

Mostly about God's love for us and the importance of praying to feel that love.

Who is your companion? Where is she from? How many siblings does she have? What's her blood type and mother's maiden name? ;)

My companion is the lovely Sister Harvey from Georgia. She has five siblings. I asked her the other questions and she just laughed. Sorry, this attempt was a bust. Maybe with my next one we'll have more luck.

The other sisters in our district are just as awesome! Sister Fossum is especially awesome! She's from Texas physically, but her heart is from Arizona, which is also where Sister Turner is from! All three are wonderful and make me laugh almost as much as a certain Sister Green!

Who is your district leader?

Elder Demille from Utah (I can't remember where) going to the Scotland Ireland Mission

How many are in your district?

Originally planned to be 10, but now twelve. And they all rock!

What is your favorite food/dessert in the cafeteria?

Hmm... I think I would have to say the cookies. They are so good. I love them. I have yet to find any popcorn.

How many pictures have you taken? Can you send us any? Do you need an SD Card reader? I have one that I forgot to give you, I think...

I have taken a few pictures on our temple walk on Sunday, including one of me and Hayden (and our companions because mission rules), one of my district, one of the sisters in our zone that all arrived on Wednesday, and I think one of me and Sis. Harvey... I will be able to send them to you next week because I do need an SD card reader, but I'll probably just buy one here (missionary discount is the bomb). In that time span I will take more pictures!

Is there anything you wish you brought with you that I can send?

YES!!! I forgot to get my personal progress bookmarks out of my other scriptures! They are in the closet in my old room upstairs. But that's all I can think of.

Is there anything you would like sent for fun?

Well, I am going to track down the other vending machines to see if I can find any microwave popcorn. That is the only thing I can think of right now. Popcorn.

Do you have Narnia Holes in your room???!!!! (Narnia Holes are little hiding places filled with small things from other missionaries that have spent their MTC time in that room.)

Okay, about that. I think that I found one in the vent above my bed because one side is very suspiciously held on with scotch tape. Very sketchy. Or scotchy, I guess. I have been meaning to look in with my flashlight but haven't yet. I'll take a picture and let you know the verdict in my next email.

How long are you in the MTC?

I am in here until either Tuesday or Wednesday the 27th or 28th. Also!! You know how we get that little card "signed" by Thomas S. Monson saying that we are missionaries? Well, there is the start date and end date, and my end date on that is listed as February 13th, 2018! We all got shortchanged three whole weeks!

Well, that's all I got...


Sister Milligan (That's still weird to say)

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